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Price Rp 105.000
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PCI PC Analyzer Card

This PC Analyzer Card could display the error code by the result of Post, then you would soon determine the error in error code table. Especially when the PC can't boot operating system, or blank screen, or the card and motherboard couldn't issue an audible beep. It is a powerful diagnostic tool.
Remember to power off the computer motherboard, insert the card into the slot you want to use either ISA or PCI.
Power on your PC, The first thing to look at is the LEDS across the TOP, and refer to the manual for any error.

Features :
- Suitable for desktop computers.
- Use a four-digit fault code display.
- Can test motherboard PCI and ISA bus speed.
- Can test the diagnostic card itself.
- With the code repeatedly checking the function, the code will never flash.
- There is a sounding barrier function.
- This card can be plugged into ISA or PCI.
-  Can display the crash of repeated automatic reset under black screen.
- You can diagnose important signal conditions in the board without powering up the empty board such as the CPU.

Package Content :
1x PC Analyzer Card
1x Cable
1x User Manual

Berat : 100gram