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PC Laptop Analyzer Card

This new PC Laptop Analyzer Diagnostic Card (also called POST--Power On Self Test) is a powerful testing equipment for Laptop & desktop with 25 pin printer port. It is known that the BIOS will automatically initialize and test the I/O setup of the mainboard configuration and send the test code to the PCI or ISA bus orderly when the computer is booting. "No problem, next". This analyzer card can intercept and hex the code until the next code come.
Thus, if there is any thing wrong with your computer, you can know exactly what the problem is just after you insert this card into your 25 pin printer interface of your booting computer and look up the codes displayed on it in the relative table of the User'Guide.

Features :
- Easy installation--just plug into the 25 pin printer interface.
- Let you know the error of your computer without opening your Laptop and desktop with 25 pin printer port.
- Intercept and hex the code of your booting computer.
- 2 LED indicator: KEY, +5V.
- Hexadecimal character display.
- 2 keys for codes PREV/NEXT.
- Detailed & precise Code Indication Table, convenient for you consulting.
- Come with USB male to male cable, directly powered via USB port.
- Compliant to the PHOENIX BIOS4.01~6.01 laptop and desktop.
- Compliant to the AMIBIOS 6.24, AWARD BIOS 4.51 laptop and desktop.
- Concrete computer type: IBM, T20, T21, T22, T23, A20, A21, A22, DELL640, TOSHIBA 4030, etc.

Package Content :
1x PC Laptop Analyzer Card
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Berat : 100gram