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product arrow Digital Voice Recorder 4GB Single Mic

Price Rp 395.000
Rp 325.000

Digital Voice Recorder 4GB Single Mic

Digital Voice Recorder 4GB with MP3 player, voice recorder, digital phone recorder function

■Large memory space for storage 
■Record up to 99 voice messages
■MP3, WMA and ADPCN format support
■Record indication
■MUSIC playing function
■Choose voice activate function or not , SP and LP record format available
■playing balance modes
■NATURL (normal) ROCK (rock and roll) POP (pop) CLASSOL (classic) SOFT (soft) JAZZ (jazz) DBB (dynamic bass boost)
■Record and record playing
■Volume adjustment in 32 levels
■USB connectable for uploading and downloading voice files (including music and MP3 song
■Built-in speaker
■Low battery indication
■Repeating Mode (A→B): Repeatedly Play Certain Segment of A Song
■Delete Music: Delete Existing MP3 Music Files and Voice Files, Individually or All
■HOLD Key Lock: Under Any mode, Enabling the HOLD Switch Will Lock All Keys

■4GB Digital Voice Recorder with Mp3 Building Speaker .The 4GB digital voice recorder has made recording easier than ever with voice operated recording, which starts and stops automatically.With this amazing memory digital voice recorder helps you easily record sound file on the meeting, seminar, interview, lecture and etc

■The easy operation design ensures you will not miss any important information. Large front speaker, large front buttons, stereo recording with optional external microphone, simple divide and delete editing functions and selectable microphone sensitivity

■The 4GB digital voice recorder also provides voice activated and timer recording for maximum flexibility and usability

■Compact and small volume design ensures this Best Digital Voice Recorder easy to carry; you can keep this Cheap Digital Voice Recorder always along with you

Package Included:
■1 x 4GB Digital Voice Recorder 4GB Single Mic
■1 x USB Cable
■1 x Earphone
■1 x Telephone Connector Cable
■1 x Telephone Connector Adapter Box
■1 x User Manual

Berat : 250gram